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Music Videos 

Artist CD Rose Song titled "Nine Lives"

Directed By Jake Fay and Shawn Gauvin 

"Nine Lives"  
Artist: CD Rose

"Woe is Me "  
Artist: Effect

Local Lowellian Hip Hop Artist Effect

We had a lot of fun with projection. 

"Not A Nice Guy"  
Artist: Rough Francis

Featured on as well as Brooklyn Vegan, The music video for Rough Francis Not a Nice Guy  is a throwback to the 90's style music videos. 

Do what you want

Artist: Guster


Georgia was asked to DP this music video on very short notice and with little to no budget. Somehow we got something made. 


Artist: Rocki Rock


The Vermont native artist Rocki Rock collaborated with filmmaker friends Ashton Harrewyn Virgina Hastings and Georgia Pantazopoulos to make this sweet and simple music video for her solo carrer. 

I Make Records 

Artist: The Aztexts


The Hip Hop group the Aztexts are good friends of friends they came to us with an idea and a new song and lots of friends that came to dance. 

Chautauqua County

Artist: Lemuria


Another music video collaboration with the talented Mark Covino and Brent Harrewyn who also operated the 2nd camera. 

Shut this Down

Artist: HUSHH


The First music video made by way back in 2007 for the Connecticut hip hop group H.U.S.H.H aka Help Us Save Hip Hop. 

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